The Piquette T's

We took Model T's to nine elementary schools in 2019!

We were very proud to win a state award for the best educational outreach program in Michigan.


Model T Times Readers

In the November/December 2020 issue of the Model T Times, it was suggested that you come to this website to learn the answer to the following -

Today’s mystery question for Ford history buffs: In the closeup map of France on page 21, notice that Bordeaux has a different color pin (it is red).  Why was Bordeaux special to Ford Motor Company?

Answer: Bourdeaux, France, was one of the 21 Ford Branch Assembly locations located outside of the United States. The Bourdeaux plant started production in 1916 and assembled 65,960 Model T's!

We also invite you to see a terrific overview of our beloved Piquette Plant by Clicking Here!